Small Goblin like creatures that are ruthless and protective. They have sloped foreheads and wide shark toothed mouths. Much like a Goblin, if taken alone they are not much of a threat, but together they can quickly become a problem.


Unlike their name suggests, these large canine like creatures are not lazy. They have an advanced society, only a few decades behind the races that compose Caojoden. They approach new races with caution and value a level head equally as a strong arm.

They wear yellow sashes and were aggitated when hearing that the party members suffer from the plague. Also, they have mines that they work and would trade for help (or slaves) to work in the mines for them.

The Fey


Small furry creatures that wander around, often causing trouble. They have a strong odor about them and are found to enjoy the refuse of other races, as such, they have never been closely studied and not much is known about them… perhaps this is for the best.


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